About Us

20 years of experience as hotel managers and owners, has given us an opportunity to truly learn from our guests. We've learned that most hotel guests are either on vacation, visiting friends & family, or a business trip.

Most hotel guests are spending the majority of their time outside and come to the hotel very tired to simply jump in bed and sleep. Studies have shown 90 percent of guests do not use the hotel's amenities because of their outside activities. That’s why we've eliminated the excuse amenities and have shifted our focus on sleeping beds, fast internet with FREE WiFi & Smart TV’s.

Thus, by eliminating the excuse amenities we were able to reduce the price of our rooms by 25% to 50% BELOW standard hotel rooms.


Hotel BNB is different from the traditional hotels and guesthouses. Our rooms are smaller, but large enough to accommodate one or two guest to sleep comfortably. If you're looking for some privacy, comfort, a place to nap, or if you just want to get some last minute work done, Hotel BnB may be your best bet. 

Hotel vs. BnB

1. Hotels are usually chains that are owned by larger corporations; BnB's are usually independently owned.

2. Hotels often charge for extra facilities or services besides the room; BnB's offer most amenities free of charge.