Chicago Background

Our Property

Hotel BnB's room rates are 25% to 50% BELOW standard hotels rooms.


Most hotel guests spend the majority of their time outside and come to the hotel very tired to simply jump in bed and sleep. That’s why we've eliminated the excuse amenities and have shifted our focus on sleeping beds, fast internet with FREE WiFi & Smart TV’s.

Thus, by eliminating the excuse amenities we were able to offer unparalleled value, in the heart of downtown Chicago.


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Our Location

Hotel BnB is located in the heart of Chicago's South Loop. South Loop’s invigorating blend of businesses and pleasure attracts a wide range of residents and visitors, who love to stay active and participate in a buzzing urban lifestyle. Located just south of central downtown, South Loop encapsulates most of the Grant Park area and borders the shore of Lake Michigan. The Bean is a work of public art in the heart of Chicago. The sculpture, which is officially titled Cloud Gate, is one of the world’s largest permanent outdoor art installations. The monumental work was unveiled in 2004 and quickly became of the Chicago’s most iconic sights.  Many locals are able to walk to work, and exceptional access to public transportation makes it easy to get anywhere in the city.